Organic Certification

Ecocert Canada offers certification services at all levels of product production and marketing for


  • Producers (agricultural production).
  • Producers' Cooperatives (a group of producers with a similar production and marketing strategy)
  • Processors (company involved in food preparation)
  • Contract Processors (processor subcontracted by a producer or another processor for food processing)
  • Distributors (company specialized in marketing and trade of products including repacking of products)
  • Processors with subcontracted producers (Processor subcontracting producers  and maintaining certification for producers)
  • Distributors with subcontracted producers (Distributors subcontracting producers and maintaining certification for producers)
  • Retailers (Company specialized in retail sale of products)
  • Brokers (Company specialized in product export and import)
  • Multiple Sites (producers and processors with multiple production, processing or sales sites)

The same inspection and certification procedures apply to all types of businesses. Costs and certificate ownership  may differ depending on the case.

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