Organic Agriculture

Canadian Standards and Equivalency Agreements


The Canadian Organic Regulations, managed by the Canadian Organic Office, have been in effect since July 1st 2009. The Canadian Organic Standards (COS) are the property of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).

This certification is necessary for all Canadian businesses who sell organic products interprovicially or who wish to use the Canada Organic logo on their labels.
All ingredients of an organic processed food product must also be certified COS.


The Quebec Organic Designation Specification Manual is under the responsibility of the "Conseil des appellations reservees et des termes valorisants" ( CARTV)

The certification according to the Quebec Organic specification manual allows for the sale of products within Quebec. 

NOP Equivalency Agreement

Since June 17 2009, there has been an equivalency agreement concerning the Canadian and US organic regulations. Products certified according to the Canadian standards can be sold across the border in the US and use the USDA ORGANIC logo on their packaging as long as the verification of specific criteria is assured.

European Union Equivalency Agreement

As of July 2011 an equivalency agreement between Canada and the EU is in effect concerning the trade of certified organic products. Certified organic products that are 100% Canadian can be exported to the member countries of the European Union with a Canadian Organic Regime certificate.

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